Warlord and mares on Dartmoor, Devon

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Are you are coming to the DPS International Convention August 8th to the 15th?

On the 15th of August we are having a day when you can come and see the Shilstone Rocks Ponies.

Are you searching for a Dartmoor pony?

If the answer is yes to both, give us a call, we may have what you are looking for. You may not only find what you are looking for, but it maybe a bargain too!

Not everything we have for sale is listed below, so please contact us on 01364 621281/381 to find out if we have what you need.

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This year we have 10 mares in foal to the Supreme Champion stallions: Shilstone Rocks War Lord, Shilstone Rocks Northcountryman and Shilstone Rocks Snow Goose. All three stallions have qualified and competed successfully at HOYS and they have all sired County Show winners. Normally we prefer to keep most of our foals, as we enjoy to see them growing up. However this year all our foals will be on offer, through lack of time to bring them up as they should be.

As the foals arrive we will be putting their particulars on our web site for you to see what we have to offer and book them for collection when they are weaned.

Ponies for Sale (updated July 2015)


Shilstone Rocks Precipitation 1998. Brown. Approximately 11.3 ½hh.  Sire Shilstone Rocks Fury, Dam Shilstone Rocks Drizzle. Easy to manage stallion, runs with his mares or will cover in hand. A premium stallion and sire of many top class ponies including HOYS qualifier Shilstone Rocks River Ripple.

Stallion - Precipitation
Precipitation 2

Shilstone Rocks Snow Goose. 2000. Just under 12hh. Sire Shilstone Rocks D-Day, Dam Shilstone Rocks Snowfall. A consistent winner under saddle. Qualified HOYS three times and placed 4th. Also qualified for Olympia. Won and placed in dressage. Sire of winning stock (Snowy River, Snowy Mountain).

Snowgoose - Jay photos
Stallion - Snowgoose

Shilstone Rocks Tornado 2010. Bay. Just under 12hh. Sire Shilstone Dunnabrook, Dam Shilstone Rocks Hurricane Star. Un-shown to date through lack of help. An exciting project for someone who wants to have success in the show-ring under saddle or in hand.

Youngstock - Tornado



Whitmore Charles Darwin 2009. Bay. 122 cm, (approx. 12hh). Sire Whitmore Phoenix, Dam Moortown Serena. Long reined and lunged. Very steady temperament. Would make an excellent diving pair with Whitmore Goldsmith (see below).

Charles Darwin

Whitmore Goldsmith. 2010. Bay. 124cm (approx. 12.1hh). Sire Shilstone Hollow Tor, Dam Whitmore Amber Charm. Long reined and lunged. Make good driving pair with Darwin (above). Both the above are well-made, good looking geldings. They would make a good pair for driving particularly as they have lived together all their lives and are great friends.


Shilstone Rocks Wind Whistle. 2010. Approximately 12hh. Sire Supreme Champion Shilstone Dunnabrook (Wynhill Blackbird x Shilstone Rocks Dunstone II), Dam Shilstone Rocks Whirlwind (Shilstone Rocks Atlantic Gale x Shilstone Rocks Whirligig). Has been long reined and lunged and backed. Wonderful temperament like all this family and will make a superb show hunter pony.

Wind Whistle

(Photo taken at 3 year old)

Shilstone Rocks Whirlabout 2013. Bay. Approximatly 12hh. Sire Shilstone Dunnabrook, Dam Shilstone Rocks Whirlwind. Full brother to the Wind Whistle (above). A superb young gelding, well-handled and a quiet temperament. Should do well in the show-ring.


Shilstone Rocks Sing A Long 2010. Bright bay. 12.2hh, 127cm. A big strong sort who should make an excellent WHP. Just been backed and going on well. Should be a good fun pony for a small adult or large child.



Shilstone Rocks Sunshimmer 2000. Bay mare. Approximately 11.3hh. Sire Shilstone Rocks War Lord, Dam Cawsand Sunrise. A wonderful childs pony, the kind everyone wants. Only offered for sale as we have kept one of her daughters. She has taken children up over the moor, off the lead for many years and is completely safe for them to ride and handle. Excellent conformation and should do really well in lead rein classes.

Sunshimmer 4
Sunshimmer 1
Sunshimmer 3

Teigncombe Down 2003, 11.2 ½ hh, 116cm. Sire Shilstone Rocks Star Fighter, Dam Roany. Again a wonderful child’s pony. We are keeping her last years filly foal to replace her. She has been working in the riding centre for most of her life and loves children. She should do really well in lead rein classes. She is ridden up over the moor.


These two mares do not often come onto the open market as they are normally passed on between families who know them. References can be had for both by parents who have had them on loan during the winter.


Shilstone Rocks Dunlin. 2011. Bay 11.1hh, 113 cm. Sire Shilstone Rocks Fire Bird, Dam Shilstone Rocks Dunstone. Half sister to Supreme champion Shilstone Dunna Brook. Will make a really good childs pony with the right temperament and with her breeding. A valuable brood mare. Her conformation is excellent and she has a good future as a first class lead rein pony and later as a first ridden.


Shilstone Rocks Chambre 2014. Bay yearling. Sire Supreme Champion Shilstone Rocks North Countryman, Dam Shilstone Rocks Chardonnay. Full sister to two champions (including Shilstone Rocks Rioja), she should have a great future in the show ring. At the moment she is leggy (which I like to see in a yearling) and growing fast. Should be top class to show next year. It is not often that a Dartmoor of this quality comes to the market.

Chambre 1


Shilstone Rocks Petal 2010. Bright bay mare. 11.3 hh. Sire Supreme Champion Shilstone Rocks North Countryman, Dam Rosey (unregistered Dartmoor). A charming, quality pony. Should make an excellent WHP or lead rein pony. Had all the ground work done last summer so should not take a lot to get her going. Well handled.


Whitmore Mary Tavy 2010. Dark bay mare. Sire Shilstone Hollow Tor, Dam Broomhills Pigalle. BSPPS 96/29. Well handled.

Whitmore Philadelphia 2009. Bay mare. Sire Whitmore Phoenix, Dam Broomhills Pigalle. BSPPS 96/62. Well handled.


We also have a selection of top class colt and filly foals that will be available at weaning.

1. Bay Filly Foal. Sire North Countryman, Dam Atlantic Shower. Born May 3rd 2015.

2. Bay Colt Foal. Sire Snowgoose, Dam Country Dance. Born May 3rd 2015.

3. Bay Colt Foal. Sire North Countryman, Dam Chardonnay. Born May 27th 2015. Brother to several consistent show-ring winners including stallions Rioja and Navarra.

4. Bay Colt Foal. Sire North Countryman, Dam Drizzlecombe. Born May 17th 2015.

5. Grey Colt Foal. Sire Snow Goose, Dam Dunnybrig. Born May 10th 2015.

6. Bay Filly Foal. Sire North Countryman, Dam Hurricane Star. Born May 15th 2015.

7. Bay Filly Foal. Sire North Countryman, Dam Kumala. Born May 15th 2015.

8. Bay Filly Foal. Sire North Countryman, Dam Lady Warren. Born May 7th 2015.

9. Black Colt Foal. Sire Snow Goose, Dam River Dance. Born May 29th 2015.