Dartmoor Dexter Beef

“Delicious Dartmoor Dexter Beef”

A traditional slow maturing, native breed, living on a natural diet of grass ensuring:

  •      Superb marbling – for flavour and tenderness
  •      Rich omega 3 un-saturated fats
  •      Convenient joint sizes – ideal for a modern family
  •      100% Taste, 100% Beef


  • Packs contain a mixture of cuts including: Topside, Rib, Rump, Sirloin, Mince, Shin, Skirt & (Brisket).
  • All vacuum packed, labelled and weighed.
  • Available in 6-8kg packs (approx) – perfect for a freezer drawer or 12 – 15kg packs (approx).
  • All £9.50/kg.
  • Certified by the Dexter Cattle Society www.dexterbeef.co.uk

Introduce a friend and both receive a 10% discount

(valid until 31st March 2013)


To order please either email shilstone@dartmoor-ponies.com

or call on 01364 621281/381


Our Dexter herd live a natural life on the grassy moorland meadows. They live out all year round and feed off grass in the summer and our home made hay in the winter. The dexter breed along with their extensive grassy diet is what gives this meat its outstandingly good flavour. The meat is also well marbled, making it tender and succulent to eat. The meat is hung for at least 3 weeks to add to the already excellent flavour and tenderness. Interestingly, to date their have been no recorded cases of BSE in Dexter cattle. Dexters are smaller than other breeds producing smaller but perfectly adequate sized joints to feed a family. This means that there is usually less waste!